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Write Yourself Awake

4-week Course


Held over zoom

Cayce Howe


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou

Do you want to deepen your spiritual practice and bring to the conscious mind concepts that may be hidden?

In my personal practice I had been meditating for 20+ years and just felt like something was missing. It had to do with solidifying experiences in meditation into something that stayed with me and enhanced my moment to moment existence. 

I began to write and what happened was far beyond my expectations. Clarity and insights came that removed doubts and provided me with a new found spiritual confidence. 

I firmly believe each and everyone of us has a storehouse of hidden wisdom, ready to be discovered. We just need the right conditions for it to reveal itself. 

We will learn: 

- How to find stillness, even in the business of life

- How to bring the mind into clarity 

- Reflective writing prompts, tips and techniques to help the creativity flow

- How to simplify our own wisdom into concrete personal teachings.



Dates and Times: 

Class 1 : Tuesday October 5th 6:00-7:30pm PST ZOOM

Class 2 : Tuesday October 12th 6:00-7:30pm PST ZOOM 

Class 3 : Tuesday October 19th 6:00-7:30pm PST ZOOM 

Class 4 : Tuesday October 26th 6:00-7:30pm PST ZOOM  


$120 (sliding scale available, no one is turned away due to lack of funds) 




Cayce Howe is a meditation teacher, poet and podcaster. Authorized as a teacher in the Theravada Buddhist tradition and a guiding teacher for InsightLA Long Beach, Cayce imparts guidance through workshops, retreats and 1:1 sessions throughout the year.

Cayce has been practicing for over 25 years in a variety of traditions. In 2004 he began a 6-year journey living and working at meditation retreat centers which culminated in a year-long closed meditation retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition.

Day to day Cayce is busy with his company MHLS Wellness (More Happiness, Less Suffering ) alongside business partner Dr. Monisha Vasa. Together they share Burnout Prevention Programs, a podcast and journaling workshops. 

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