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Private sessions are my favorite way to teach. Nothing I do goes deeper than 1:1 sessions.

You can book a FREE 15 Minute Discover Call to see if we are a good fit for one another. Each call is customized for the individual.


Discovery Call Goals
What type of meditations do you resonate with the most? Devotional, analytical, mindfulness etc.

What is your goal for us working together? My main categories revolve around spiritual growth, teacher training, health concerns and performance.

What is your lifestyle like? We will put a program together that works within it.


Schedule today:

TExt 831.600.6029 



For the past five years I’ve been studying with, learning from and being inspired by Cayce Howe.  I’ve attended classes with him, participated in a five- day silent retreat he conducted, sat in meditation with a Sangha that he leads, and was fortunate enough to shadow him as a Facilitator for the InsightLA Essentials of Meditation class.  Recently, I participated in a six-week program of one-on-one teachings with him.  On so many levels, he has been a kind, compassionate and important teacher for me.

Cayce’s teaching of the Dharma has helped center me on my own path. His knowledge of the teachings inspires students. His kindness and compassion have supported so many as we look to live with increased awareness and presence in life. He teachings come with both wisdom and levity; with understanding and humor.  He is real. Honest. He makes me laugh. He seems to live the Dharma – never taking himself (or anything, really) too seriously.

It is clear to me that he is dedicated to his practice and to bringing the Dharma to others.  I’m counting myself as fortunate that I found my way into his class five years ago… what a difference it has made in my journey.

~ Bonnie Bishop, Long Beach CA


“I have taken multiple rounds of the 6 week private meditation course with Cayce and found them very beneficial. Mindfulness practice has gave me back my center. I can look at my stress with a different perspective, I’ve gained resilience”

~ Bonnie Gatz. DDS

“Cayce has taught both private sessions with myself and also groups at my medical clinic. Mindfulness practice is for everyone in all walks of life. As a doctor I find it extremely helpful to handle my day more efficiently”

~ Dr. Claudia Eppele, M.D.

“Cayce is a mindfulness Yoda whose kind soul and calming presence can quiet the most anxious mind. For years I’ve tried to meditate on my own but always felt like I was doing it “wrong.” As a recent cancer survivor, I now recognize the importance of stillness and calm to my overall healing, so mindfulness meditation has become a priority. Cayce and I have been meditating on Skype for months and it has truly helped calm the storm. He has taught me that, “sitting in the quiet is the path. There’s nothing to reveal. It’s the path and the destination.” I am truly grateful that the gift of Cayce appeared when he did. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

– Rebecca E., Cancer Survivor

“ After sessions with Cayce I can better face unpleasant thoughts without trying to bury them. I have been better equipped to handle the stress of this sometimes chaotic world and experience living with a new awareness.

– Jeff Padgett , Veteran VA Hospital

When I began working with Cayce Howe, I was at a place in my life where my desire to live within my AUTHENTIC self was embroiled in a battle against an army of fears and doubts. I reached out to Cayce after listening to one of his dharma talks posted on Soundcloud. The depth of his spiritual knowledge combined with the gentleness of how he communicated his teachings impressed me enough to seek his help.

Cayce’s first act toward helping me end my internal battle was in giving me the white flag of surrender. “Let’s start by stopping,” he said. And with those words he began helping me learn to still my  thoughts and to become mindful.

 Like a guide holding a lantern, he walked beside me on my path, shedding the light he’d gained in his 25 years of practicing mindful meditation and of learning and  teaching the wisdoms of Tibetan Buddhism.

 His patience and ability to present his teachings in a manner that was easy for me to understand and applicable to my struggles helped me tremendously.  He helped me walk off an internal battlefield that was keeping me stuck.

I am also extremely grateful that he recorded each session. I have relied on the replaying of those recordings as a way to remind and solidify his teachings.

I am grateful that the Universe guided me to Cayce Howe so that he might further guide me on my Divine path.

Kim K., Long Beach, CA

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