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Write Yourself Awake

4-week Course


Cayce Howe


Welcome to write yourself awake. This course is designed specifically to use creativity toNurture  discover aspects of ourselves. We are going to be using writing as a spiritual practice. In doing so however we need to first cultivate creativity.

We will be using a few different techniques along the way. One we will be moving into our medicine place. Once we are in our medicine place we will go to the center of our this in place. After we explore the medicine place the spiritual realm the creative realm where everything is possible.

 when we our in our realm of possibilities, we will be exploring our senses, exploring our imagination. Allowing our imagination to deepen with each session, the court or between the known and unknown become strengthened.

Then we will move gently to the medicine place. At this stage we will enter into don't know mind. Allowing the mind to be a clear pool we will drop a question into the space. We will allow a question to come to mind. Then we wait for clues and answers to come along

This the process 



Calming the mind 


Realm of possiblites / Circle of answers 

Free write 

final write 




What we are uncovering 


Here are the parts. One.


The realm of possibilities

circle of answers, this will be the medicine place so one element would be to simply  outline everything to do with the medicine place.


So we have intention setting calming the mind creativity purification which is the writing and in the end we have the final product the message and then after that we can meditate on that and share with the community. And the sharing with the community is huge let's each piece of it the ripple effect..

Two things to figure out our how to lead the writing aspect and what are we going to actually write about.

3 Parts 

Calm the mind Blending "kind awareness"

- breath 

- heart 

Purify the mind (gain Clarity)

- surrendar

- dropping the techinque

- trust

- being 

- don't know mind 

Extract wisdom 

- free write 

- prompts 



Cayce Howe is a meditation teacher, poet and podcaster. Authorized as a teacher in the Theravada Buddhist tradition and a guiding teacher for InsightLA Long Beach, Cayce imparts guidance through workshops, retreats and 1:1 sessions throughout the year.

Cayce has been practicing for over 25 years in a variety of traditions. In 2004 he began a 6-year journey living and working at meditation retreat centers which culminated in a year-long closed meditation retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition.

Day to day Cayce is busy with his company MHLS Wellness (More Happiness, Less Suffering ) alongside business partner Dr. Monisha Vasa. Together they share Burnout Prevention Programs, a podcast and journaling workshops. 

Developing a Meditation Habit
Developing a Meditation Habit
Apr 07, 2022, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM PDT
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