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Text Excerpt:

Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmission

A Commentary on The Precious Treasury o f the Basic Space o f Phenomena

Longchen Rabjam

The Four Methods of Resting

#1 Root text

First, it can be shown that you begin by resting imperturbably like an ocean: 

Without the arising and subsiding of thoughts, there is a naturally limpid, pristine state, 

like the unwavering evenness4 of a limpid ocean.
Free of the occurrence of or involvement in thoughts, free of 

hope or fear,
you abide within the state of naturally occurring timeless 

awareness, the true nature of which is profoundly lucid. 



Even as reflections of planets and stars appear in an ocean undisturbed by wind, they are not other than the water, yet are not affected by it. Similarly, even as perceptions of sense objects arise continuously within awareness, which, being unobstructed, is immaculate, they are not tainted by reification, and so you rest without straying from that limpid, pristine state of awareness. 


#2 Root text 

As for resting imperturbably in awareness: 

Without the compulsions of ordinary mind,
there is an unfeigned state-a natural settling, uncontrived 

and unadulterated-
though it cannot be characterized with words.
This absorption in the expanse of being, the true nature 

of which cannot be characterized,
involves neither meditation nor something to meditate on,
and so laxity and agitation dissipate naturally, and enlightened 

intent occurs naturally. 


The unique sphere of being is without elaboration. It transcends verbal expression and analysis by 

ordinary consciousness.9 


#3 Root text 

As for resting in the immediate perception of sensory appearances: 

All-consuming thought patterns cannot be abandoned by being renounced, for they are the dynamic energy of awareness. Their true nature is such that there are no distinctions, nothing 

to differentiate or exclude,
so that nature is not ensured by achievement, but arises as 

basic space.
Without rejecting samsara, you perceive it to be naturally 

occurring timeless awareness
through the pure yoga of the dynamic energy of the vast 

expanse of being. 


For anyone who does not hold on to traces of the past or anticipate the future, but lets consciousness rest moment by moment in its natural place, all consciousness blends as one, without any distinction of earlier or later, in what I call "the single unifying essence." This is the yoga of knowing  the equalness of the three times. 


#4 Root text 


As for resting imperturbably like a mountain: 

In the timeless unity of sensory appearances and mind- the naturally settled state that is the true nature of 


meditative absorption is experienced as an unwavering, ongoing flow. 

Thus, the vajra pinnacle, the most excellent enlightened mind of Samantabhadra, 

is the most sublime, spacious state, equal to space.
The most sublime meditation of all involves no differentiation 

or exclusion.
It is spontaneously present as the superb, timelessly infinite 



Resting imperturbably like a mountain is the secret view itself. There is no doubt, and mental stirring is automatically absent. 

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