Be Buddha Now

“All sentient beings are Buddhas, But they are covered by temporary obscurations.” – Hevajra Tantra

In this talk we investigate the power of belief: of how we view our worthiness, how that can affect our spiritual path, and ultimately whether or not we awaken.

Transcription of “Be Buddha Now”

We had a nice movie night last night, watched the Dharma Brothers. In the film, they held a 10-day Vipassana Retreat at a maximum security prison in Alabama. The results were phenomenal. The power of 10-days of looking within. Today the topic is Be Buddha Now. We’re examining the mind and the belief systems of the mind.

The mind is very powerful. If we look at the five elements, we have earth, wind, fire, air, and water. These elements exist without consciousness. They don’t know nor feel. We have these elements in our body: bones resembling earth, blood resembling water, breath resembling wind, temperature resembling fire, and spaces resembling air. We can have these elements within our body yet without the mind, they can’t be recognized or known. We have the senses and sense organs- eyes, ears, tongue, skin. But without the mind we would not be able to access these senses. So as you can see, all phenomena that we process need to have mind to be perceived. The mind is so important and so powerful.

There are two elements of the mind that can be limiting factors. If everything that can be experienced has to be experienced through the mind, the mind becomes a filter system. In spirituality, there’s the analogy of water resembling the mind. It can be muddy, have ripples, be colored, or be clear. When the mind is still and clear, then we can see truth and see things as they really are. One aspect of the mind is that it can become limited in its scope: what it can see, what it believes, what it can be familiar with. Here is an excerpt from a book called Mind in the Waters and it’s about studying dolphins and whales; fascinating perspective from one of the scientists: