Eat the Food, Not the Wrapper

There is a term in mountain climbing called “Peak Bagging”. This is when climbers go to a mountain range that has several peaks of notoriety and they climb each one in a “check this one off the list manner”.

Purist will say that they have missed the point of the climb; that it is not about getting to said geographical location but instead to experience fully that which is to be discovered, as did the original explorers. The peak baggers say it is great motivation.

This reminds me of spiritual seekers; myself included. Going from one technique to another, as if the accumulation of superficial knowledge of a certain technique will lead to anything real and sustainable.

Like the mountaineers, seekers often find it very motivating to try something new.

Here are some reasons why we may ping-pong from one technique to the next:

  1. We hear that one technique is “faster” or easier than another.

  2. Technology says that it has the answer. (Binaural beats anyone?)

  3. Science: We find that one technique has been studied and amazing results have been found.

  4. A source of a particular technique is more pure, from an unbroken lineage for example, or divinely received, so it must be better.

  5. The guy or girl we like is into a particular practice, so…

The reality is that learning about ourselves is about what happens after we unpackage the technique. It is like worrying about the package your food comes in instead of the actual food itself. The actual food is YOU. There may be many different wrappers, but once they are unwrapped, it is always the same nutritious you inside.