Enlightened Work

Can we bring our practice to work with us?

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In some work environments, the more stressed someone is and the busier they are, the higher up in the corporate hierarchy they are perceived. This, in turn, equates stress with job security.

What have we done? Does being calm and happy mean that we are not working hard? What if we are having a great “fun” day at work? Is that bad? Does that mean our position is not needed or that we are a slacker?

I would like to challenge this thinking. It has been proven that someone with a calm spacious mind is more productive, more creative, less accident prone, better at communication, and improves company morale.

Recently I did some research for a corporate wellness project that would bring meditation to a leading international shipping company. My research has been enlightening. Here are a few stats I found interesting.

• World Health Organization study 2012: Cost of workplace stress in the US is $300 billion annually

• Bureau of National Affairs: 40% of job turnover is due to stress

• Northwest National Life: 1 million workplace absences per day are stress related

• 2012 Absence Management Survey by CIPD (A global HR development organization) found that stress was the most common cause of long-term sickness absences

•  1/4 of large US Companies have launched stress reduction programs

Making Work Your Meditation