Rehearsing and Rehashing

“I should not have said that.”

“I should not have done that.”

“I can’t wait to get that.”

“I hope that doesn’t happen.”

“I hope that does happen.”

The mind has a tendency to go, and where it goes we have a tendency to follow. We follow the mind into some very sketchy neighborhoods, places where we don’t often feel comfortable. By following a thought we can find ourselves so much under its spell that we believe that it is true. Like a vivid dream; so lifelike it seems real.

Our favorite thing to do is “rehearse” and “rehash”. These are like the greatest hits for the mind. “Oh man, last night at that get together I should have said…” or one of my favorites I hear myself say often is, “My life is going to be great when____ happens”.

Now I’m not saying that we can’t plan life events or learn from our past experience with a bit of reflection. What I’m referring to here is our little self-critic that likes to enter life’s party without an invitation.

There is always a squeaky wheel in our life. It is like that shopping cart that you get and one wheel is screwy. We are always looking at that one thing in life that just isn’t right and once we get that one thing right, it will all be well. (That is if we are lucky; let’s face it, sometimes there is more than one squeaky wheel.)

The reality is – impermanence. Everything is in constant flux, so how could we want something to “be” a certain way? That is impossible. Nothing can be a certain way but if only for a moment.

Even if we get something we want, it would be transitory. What if you landed the