The Great Spiritual Paradox- Seeking Vs. Being

Explorer in a lake

There is a great paradox in spiritual work. It is the paradox between seeking and being.

First, lets look eclecticism since this is common in the west, especially where many of us are not brought up in a particular eastern tradition, but we are drawn to them and their more non-dogmatic spiritual elements. This is a big part of our seeking.

In the west, a spiritual aspirant is exposed to just about everything you could imagine. When you go to the bookstores in the spiritual sections there are sometimes hundreds of books. I remember back when I started seeking. I used to go to the bookstore and there would be this small little section, maybe called “Metaphysics”, or something like this. Now, there is New Age, Metaphysics, Psychic, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Occult, etc.

So we are exposed to all of this, which is good. And then, of course, it can be overwhelming to have so many choices. We can get spiritual indigestion. There is so much to take in, and where does each piece fit? What order does it go in?

We just take something here, there, and everywhere. We read a book, it leads us to a teacher or a teaching, and all of a sudden we are over here now, and we are learning this practice, and doing this practice. But, actually, the core teachings from most long traditions have a more systematic approach designed around a gradual path.

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