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Cayce Howe

Senior Meditation Teacher

Cayce Howe is an authorized teacher in the Theravada Buddhist tradition with nearly 30 years of practice experience. He lived at meditation retreat centers for nearly 6 years including a year-long closed meditation retreat in the Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist Lineage.

Cayce is a Senior Meditation/ Dharma teacher for InsightLA and teaches meditation at two mental health facilities in Southern California. He is also available for private sessions.


Private Sessions
Private sessions are my favorite way to teach, nothing I do goes deeper than 1/1 sessions.
Herbal Tea

Discovery Call

15 minutes

Book a FREE Discovery Call to see if we are a good fit for one another. Each client is customized for the individual.

Discovery Call Goals
What type of meditations do you resonate with the most?
Devotional, analytical, mindfulness etc.

What is your goal for us working together?
My main categories revolve around spiritual growth, teacher training, heath concerns and performance

What is your lifestyle like?
We will put a program together that works within it.


Becoming Water

A series of pithy poems inviting the reader to drop beneath the mundane into the ethereal truths of being-ness. The poems are laid out in a linear fashion- LIFE, LOVE, and AWAKENING.


First come the wisdom teachings on discernment regarding the practicalities of life. Then on to love- the bridge between the mundane and the infinite. Lastly, the reader is led towards the experiential, a journey to no destination, where everywhere is home and love is arising naturally as an innate element of awakening.

MHLS Podcast:

More Happiness, Less Suffering

Welcome to a modern day advice column created by psychiatrist, Dr. Monisha Vasa, and senior meditation teacher, Cayce Howe.


Podcasting to you from Orange County, California. Here, no question is too big or too small, no topic is off topic, and the answers all begin and end within you.

Poetry Comes To Life

Poetry comes to life at Iron Spine. The shop offers new ways to be reminded of our universal wisdom and compassion that aligns with the purpose of yoga and meditation. 


Iron Spine, is a fusion of simplifying and focusing on the basics of meditation to support mindful practice. It means, “to have a gentle mind with an iron spine” and is meant to encapsulate a sense of strength and interconnectivity of all things. 

Meditation Poetry Feed
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“I have taken multiple rounds of the 6 week private meditation course with Cayce and found them very beneficial. Mindfulness practice has gave me back my center. I can look at my stress with a different perspective, I’ve gained resilience”

~Bonnie Gatz. DDS

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