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Compassion, The Super Power

One-day word began to spread throughout a village located deep within the sacred Himalayas. A great master had been spotted and he was traveling their way. Hearing of his arrival the village began to make preparations to receive his presence and were waiting for him as he arrived.

His holy reputation was unprecedented and although they have heard decades worth of stories this was the first time they had been privy to his radiance. Even with the anticipation, they found themselves unprepared for the emanation coming from this great being. They found themselves drunk with a rare flavor of contentment and belonging.

Humbly he began to engage the village people as he could tell they were eager with questions. As it is common with the sages of this land, the villagers began to ask him to display the fruits of his realizations.

“That boulder over there, can you break it with holy mantra?”, one asked. No, said the sage, I cannot.

“Can you practice the Siddhi of plunging oneself into the very earth we stand upon?”. No, said sage, I cannot do that either.

“What about yogic flying, surely you can display this for us Great One, as we have seen other masters floating at speed through the valley below”. I’m sorry said the master, I cannot do any of these things.

The Master continued, “As my path has taken me, I have only one power that I liken to yield, only one power that I source, and it is the only power that can conquer all”. “All the rest I have given back, save this one”.

“Which one is that”, said the villager.

“The only power I have is the power of Compassion”, said the master, and as he did so all the people, the animals, and the land itself felt the blessings of this compassion. It truly was a super power.

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