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Why Wait for Happiness?

What if we loved the life we had? Really loved it. By life I mean this moment, and this moment.. and this moment. By life I mean this thought…. and this thought… and this thought. By life I mean this emotion… and this emotion… and this emotion.

This life is nothing but moments to love or not to love. The people, places, situations, dreams, accomplishments, all of it only exists in a single moment. All of life is experienced this way; in a moment.

The path is not an arduous one of logging hours on the cushion, or trekking into foreign lands to sit on holy soil, nor is it contemplating the universal truths until we break through the clouds and merge with the untainted sky. For these too are but a series of moments.

The path is love, and the path is now. If you can love what is here now, there is no need to look for future liberation. If you can love what is now you are a Buddha, a Krishna, a Christ. If you can truly love now, the divide between your love and what you are loving will melt away, self and other will melt away, delusion will melt away, and so will time. There will be nothing left to do. For what is there greater than love?

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