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Wisdom of No-Thingness

The wisdom of no-thing-ness is the liberation and freedom that comes from non-attachment, and non-identification. The self is free to live and die in a single moment. Death is crucial in no-thing-ness, but not to fret, for there is nothing that has ever lived.

We get so caught up in doing, achieving, believing, learning, striving, becoming, and arguing opinions, we forget that we are living in a relative reality, and nothing is true on the level of the absolute, except for nothing of course. Your ideas are only right in your mind. This relatively reality is yours alone, and no one is privy to its unique “truths”.

If we want oneness, if we want universal acceptance and love, we have to embrace the nothing- the very space that holds us all together. Only within the space of don’t know mind can we be equal and love one another without judgment; only then can we experience what is really real together.

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