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The Free Mind

Spring comes with its flowers, autumn with the moon, summer with breezes, winter with snow; when useless things don’t stick in the mind, that is your best season. ~Wu-men Huai-kai

This moment; it is our only chance to live. This is it. Right here. Love, grow, learn, be at peace; these are not notions for tomorrow and not even for today, but right now. As the poem above states the best season is the season when useless things don’t stick in the mind.

What is useless? For me, I’m a bit of a mushy guy, so if it’s not about love, it’s useless. Love for yourself, for others, for the act itself, or simply the love of being alive today.

If you are reading this, just stop for one moment, throw out what is useless and breathe in this moment.

How does it feel when the mind is connected to the senses? The now?

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